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  1. am8

    Packing Light For A City Break: Part 1

    Whenever I’ve gone away on a city break in the past few years I’ve only ever taken a carry on case with me. By now I should have mastered the ability of packing light for a city break.  Most of my friends are amazed at that but the cost of...

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  2. lornaliz3

    Personal Style Journey

    Now I’m over 40 I have a passion to see the over 40’s woman look as best as she can, effortlessly and with style. I’ve been teaching my clients now for 10 years and have built up a wealth of knowledge on identifying an individual’s personal colour profile and how...

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  3. Primark Survival Guide

    Primark Survival Guide: 12 Tips To Enjoy Primark

    One of the best bargains I think I’ve ever bought is my Primark green blazer. I don’t regularly shop in Primark as I never seem to find anything that I like enough to buy plus it can be very stressful. That being said, I decided to write a Primark Survival...

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  4. leggings9

    Pertz Leggings: The Shape of Feeling Good

    Ladies, today I’m introducing Pertz leggings; which we’ve all been longing for without realising. Leggings are one of life’s essentials.  Once worn only for exercise, they’re now hanging in the average woman’s wardrobe. They’re so quick and easy to wear, versatile and comfy, perfect for doing daily chores or lounging...

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  5. polyvore1

    Wearing Polka Dots 2015

    what are your thoughts on wearing polka dots 2015? What was once a 1960’s era pattern, is now more popular than ever. If there is one pattern it has taken me a long time to want to wear, it’s this pattern.  I love my retro inspired polka dot table cloth...

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  6. redbag

    Forever 21 Sleeveless Red White Blue Plaid Shirt

    A popular pattern amongst bloggers has to be plaid (or check to us Brits!). This Forever 21 sleeveless red white blue plaid shirt is turning into a real favourite all year round shirt. It’s bright and cheery and being sleeveless it makes for a good layering piece. It has colour,...

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  7. Wearing Colours In The Office.

    Wearing Colours In The Office.

    You know how keen I am to encourage you all to wear colour regularly but wearing colours in the office isn’t always appropriate for business. It pays to have a basic insight into how people respond to certain colours or shades and knowledge of work-place etiquette as regards the colours...

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  8. layer3

    How To Layer Clothes Effectively

    Whenever I have a colour client I teach them how to layer clothes effectively, especially as regards to the colours in the outfit. Follow Share the love

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  9. coral-tee

    Fashion Essentials For Over 40s

    What are the Fashion Essentials for over 40s? These are the go-to items that need to be in every over 40 woman’s wardrobe. Whilst making this list, I realised that there is definitely a common denominator. Follow Share the love

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  10. aqua lilac peach7

    New Look Lilac Heels

    One of my favourite colour combinations at the moment has to be peach, lilac and aqua. My New Look Lilac heels are the perfect shoe when I wear something peach or aqua They’re not standard or true colours of the rainbow like red, blue, green as they contain a real...

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  11. aqua jacket6

    Dorothy Perkins Aqua Blazer With Graphic T-Shirt

    Throwing a coloured blazer (like my Dorothy Perkins aqua blazer) over the top of loungewear or in today’s case leggings and a graphic t-shirt, is one of my favourite ways to appear smart when really I’m completely casual underneath! You know on those days when you’re lounging around at home...

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  12. blackcrop7

    Black On Warm Skin Tones.

    Can you wear black on warm skin tones? Every woman I know wears black. In the UK over 70% of clothes for women purchased are black. Unfortunately most of us don’t look good in it. It’s heavy, draining and makes us look a good 10 years older. That’s because it...

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