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  1. coraloffshoulder4

    Top Tips To Survive Black Friday Sales

    It’s Black Friday tomorrow! Amazon say they’re expecting it to by the busiest shopping day of the year. In UK last year the police were called to stores across the county to aid with crowd control with violence breaking out by shopper rage! Many stores have slashed prices as much...

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  2. brown1

    Oak Buff: Autumn / Winter 2015 Pantone Colour

    One of the neutral colours from this year Autumn /Winter 2015 is Oak Buff. It’s an unusual shade of tan that is often hard to come by in clothing. I love this shade of brown as it harmonises well with my Spring skin tone plus it works well with the...

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  3. blue leather2

    Wearing The Correct Shade Of Blue

    Are you wearing the correct shade of blue? I often talk about wearing warm colours as I have a warm Spring skin tone; so how can I wear an obvious cool colour, like blue? There are so many variations on the colour blue, how do you know if you are...

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  4. yellow6

    Boden Yellow Anorak

    Don’t you just love Boden? Anyone who loves colour as much as me probably has many Boden clothes hanging in her wardrobe. Rarely do you come across a high street brand where an item of clothing can be purchased in numerous colours or prints. Today I’m wearing a Boden yellow...

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  5. polkaandjeans5

    Why Wearing Flats With Cropped Pants Won’t Work

    Which shoes do you wear with cropped trousers or jeans? For most of us, wearing flats with cropped pants won’t work. Why? Because shorter length trousers create a horizontal line which shortens your leg considerably. Wearing heels or a wedge heel elongates your leg to counter this. Wearing flats will...

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  6. floraljeans2

    How To Wear Floral Prints Without Appearing Too Girly.

    Are you a feminine girly girl? Then you probably love wearing floral prints. But what about those of us that aren’t too feminine? Do we then steer clear of them? Below is a guide on how to wear floral prints without appearing too girly. Those that know me well, would...

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  7. leatherblue5

    Why Invest In A Blue Leather Jacket?

    Would you substitute your black leather jacket for a blue one? I definitely would! I already owned a brown leather one and have wanted to buy another leather jacket for a long time but just couldn’t justify owning two. But hey, I’m a fashion blogger, so of course I NEED...

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  8. colouredjeans8

    How to wear bright colours when you’re afraid of them

    How keen are you to express yourself by wearing bright colours? Or do you shy away from them, worried you’ll end up looking like an over enthusiastic children’s TV presenter?! According to the Daily Express, a study showed a fifth of Britons are afraid of bright colours! I’ve had clients...

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  9. luxem1

    Luxemme Nora Blazer

    Today’s jacket is the Luxemme Nora blazer. Luxemme is a relatively new clothing company here in Manchester UK. I love that the Nora is a collarless blazer and slightly cropped. I always think outfits look more interesting when the hems are all different lengths. The blazer has no buttons which...

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  10. bust

    Loving Your Boobs

    Loving your boobs is something that many of us find difficult. We know this by the number of women who opt for surgery when changing how they see themselves is really the long time and successful solution. What’s your relationship like with your bust? When I was much younger I was so...

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  11. karenmillen1

    Cheap Verses Expensive Clothes?

    One of the biggest style dilemma’s I have, especially now I’m over 40, is the ‘cheap verses expensive clothes’ dilemma. Am I better to have fewer, more expensive clothes or lots of cheaper ones? Which do you think? Below is an outfit I wore to my friend’s wedding. I used...

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  12. nord

    $500 Nordstrom Giveaway or cash!!

    To say a big thank you for all of you who regularly visit my blog, I’ve teamed with a group of fabulous bloggers to giveaway $500 at Nordstrom or if you’d prefer cash instead. Have fun shopping!  GIVEAWAY DETAILS Now for the giveaway! I’m exciting to announce the largest giveaway...

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