Colour Analysis

Know which colours make you shine!

What is colour analysis? When we wear certain colours of clothes we can look dull and lifeless. Dark circles, blemishes and lines are all emphasised. This is because these colours clash with our skins natural undertones. Colour analysis is simply the process of analysing the colours and tones already in your skin, which then determines which colours are your ‘WOW’ colours! Wearing harmonising or complementary colours will promote our natural radiance and look fresher, brighter, healthier even younger!

Creating a current wardrobe that’s perfect for you is a satisfying and exciting experience! Over time you’ll lose the desire to wear black. You’ll see colour in a whole new way. Instantly you’ll ‘sparkle’, wearing the colours that are right for you. Your outfits will look effortless since all your colours flow together. Can you imagine walking into a store and the only clothes you see are YOUR perfect colours?!

colour analysis manchester
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Arriving as a sceptic, I could not have been more amazed at just how much better I looked simply be wearing the colours that were right for my skin tone. Even more exciting was how with some clever colour tactics I actually look slimmer too! Lorna is simply fabulous and her advice means I now shop like a professional, feel like a film star, spend far less on outfits I wear with total confidence more often. This should be free on the NHS!


I had my colours done and it has literally changed the way I look and feel about myself!  I love that I know exactly which colours suit me and which to steer clear of! 

It really helps to have focused shopping time especially now being a busy mum! I often receive compliments about the way I look and I know that my helping hand from Lorna Mai has absolutely contributed to this – it’s just what us ladies love to hear! Thank you so much x

Rachael, Newcastle