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  1. nord

    $500 Nordstrom Giveaway or cash!!

    To say a big thank you for all of you who regularly visit my blog, I’ve teamed with a group of fabulous bloggers to giveaway $500 at Nordstrom or if you’d prefer cash instead. Have fun shopping!  GIVEAWAY DETAILS Now for the giveaway! I’m exciting to announce the largest giveaway...

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  2. blueboho1

    Boho Dressed Up In Heels

    How do you wear the boho trend? This outfit is what I call Boho dressed up in heels. I’ve yet to find someone who doesn’t like the boho trend. For me, I adapt it to suit my style rather than sticking to the more obvious boho look. Do you wear...

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  3. leopard1

    Women’s Biker Shirts

    You don’t need to be a real biker chic to wear women’s biker shirts. The Warehouse biker shirt below is my all time favourite top, perfect for my shape; hiding what needs to be hidden and flattering upon the bust. It’s a simple way to make a look edgy or...

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  4. midrif4

    Disguise Middle Age Spread

    Love handles? Yep, me too. When a woman hits her late 30’s, she begins to collate an excess of fat cells around her mid-riff especially certain types of figures. With clever dressing skills however it’s not difficult to disguise middle age spread so no-one need ever know it even exists....

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  5. textures11

    How Textures Flatter Your Skin And Hair

    How do you know if you look good in lace, leather, weave, knit, silk or any other kind of texture?When choosing outfits it’s just as crucial to know how textures flatter your skin and hair, as it is to know which colours, patterns and styles to go for. Most clients...

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  6. pep

    Why Every Woman Over 40 Needs A Peplum Top

    Has your figure changed after having children? Have you become curvier or looser as you’ve gotten older? Chances are that once you hit 40 there will be parts of your body that you long to disguise with your clothing. Today’s post is about why every woman over 40 needs a...

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  7. boho6

    Zara Boho Dress: All Year Round Dress?

    How great is it when you find a dress that will do all year round? It makes me feel like I’ve got good value for money and means I don’t have to cram in wearing it before the Summer ends. Today’s dress ticks that box. It’s what I call a...

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  8. Are Supermarket Clothes Really Worth It?

    Are Supermarket Clothes Really worth It?

    Do you ever purchase clothing from the supermarket? When I was earning more money most of the clothes I bought were quite expensive. Not designer but just from places like Topshop, Karen Millen or Oasis. I never entertained wearing clothing from the really cheap stores at all, thinking that the...

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  9. tulle3

    Asos Tulle Skirt With Firetrap Graphic Tee

    So what do princesses, weddings and Sarah Jessica Parker have in common? The tulle skirt of course! Until she was pictured in SATC wearing one I’d only seen little girls wearing them at weddings or ballet dancers during performances. For today’s look I’m wearing an Asos tulle skirt with firetrap...

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  10. lace1

    Lowdown On Lace

    What do you think of the Victoriana trend that’s big this Autumn? I love lace but I have to interpret the trend through the lens of colour! The skirt in today’s post is a bright yellow pencil one with an overlay of lace. I’ve had it for a couple of...

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  11. Shabby Chic Yard Colours

    Shabby Chic Yard Colours

    Welcome to my first interiors post. I’ve photographed my yard to show off the shabby chic yard colours. I’ve chosen pale blue, pink, lemon and green. My back yard is actually my front yard! When the house was the first build what is now the front of the house, was...

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