1. How long is the course?
You have as long as you need to complete the course!
2. How much is the course?
£499 inclusive
3. Why is the course shorter and cheaper than other courses? Is it not as good?
You learn everything you need to know! There is no need for training providers to spread the course out over a longer time period. You learn the knowledge and skills during the course but you develop colour analysis as you practise, practise, and practise! This takes time.
work with us
4. Who is the course aimed at?
Anyone who wants to start a career or hobby doing something that’s fun! Basically, if you’re reading this, then you already have the necessary interest!!
5. What do we need during the course?
You’ll need to purchase your own set of drapes. We recommend buying them from Style and Image.
6. What’s included in the price?
Online Training workbook (with everything you need to know in!)
4 seasonal e-books for you to send to each of your future clients.

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