Colour Analysis Training Course

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Product Description

Course Programme:

  1. What is Colour Analysis?
    • The purpose
    • The benefits
  2. The Science of Colour
    • The 3 colour characteristics: undertone, depth and clarity
    • Secondary colours
    • The colour wheel
    • Tones, tints and shades.
  3. The Seasonal Approach:
    • Summer
    • Spring
    • Autumn
    • Winter
  4. The Tonal Approach 
    • Cool
    • Warm
    • Deep
    • Light
    • Clear
    • Muted
  5. How to determine dominant characteristics
  6. How to drape a client
    • The order of draping
    • What to look for
    • Compare and contrast
  7. How to conduct a Colour Profiling Session
    • The sequence of the session
    • How to make it engaging and fun!
    • Visual aids
    • Practical application
  8. Colour percentages and colour combinations
    • How to put colours together in an outfit
    • High and low contrast
  9. Neutrals or building block colours
  10. Make-up
    • Seasonal make-up
    • Application and tools
  11. Studio set-up
    • Working from home or deciding to go mobile
    • The Colour Profiling Kit



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